Class Descriptions 

The City currently offers Aqua Zumba, Yoga, Weight Training and Barre Above. Fitness classes are offered in a variety of locations, so check the official schedule monthly for any updates.  

*Other fitness classes, such as Camp Gladiator, and Jazzercise are not not run by the City. Fitness users can still visit those fitness classes, using a Fitness Punch Card. More information on these classes can be found at the following websites. 

Camp Gladiator


Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is another version of Zumba, but it is held inside a swimming pool. Aqua Zumba incorporates the Latin and popular international music with water resistance, creating a fitness class that is friendlier on your body's joints and muscles. For more information on Aqua Zumba, visit the official website here


These classes will develop your strength, flexibility, comfort level and stamina as you challenge your body and mind. The classes flow at a slow pace with plenty of time to explore individual postures and transitions. Newer students will build confidence and familiarity, while more experienced students refine the fundamentals of alignment and dive into deeper focus. You will gently engage, open and strengthen the body by tapping into accessible poses, fluid movement, and breathing. 

Weight Training

Weight Training, also know as "strength training" or "resistance training" is an organized exercise that promotes and stimulates muscle growth. In Weight Training class you will use a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, bands, stability balls and kettlebells to strengthen and tone all the major muscles of the body.  Accommodations for all fitness levels are incorporated into the class. 

Barre Above

Barre Above is a fusion of yoga, pilates, strength training, and ballet.  It incorporates specific sequencing patterns and isometric movements that target specific muscle groups.  This pattern of exercise helps to improve strength, balance, flexibility and posture.   Barre Above classes are low-impact and are conducive to all fitness levels.  It is a full-body workout, but there is a primary emphasis on the lower body, medium emphasis on the core, and a lesser amount of upper-body work. For more information on Barre Above, visit the official website here