What are some common complaints that Code Enforcement Officers investigate?
  • Weeds and grass over 9 inches in height are in violation of the Friendswood City Code
  • Inoperable vehicles, which is any vehicle which does not have lawfully affixed tags and which is:
    • Wrecked
    • Dismantled
    • Partially dismantled
    • Discarded
    • Has remained inoperable for a continuous period of more than thirty consecutive days on private property or seventy-two hours if the vehicle is on public property. If the inoperable vehicle remains on public property it would be an issue for the Friendswood Police department
  • Unsanitary pools: a pool not being maintained properly results in an unsanitary situation that could cause health and safety issues as well as creating a breeding place for mosquitoes
  • Drainage: side lot and rear yard swales are the most common method used to move water from a property to the storm water system. Blocking or altering these swales with fences and/or gardens so that drainage is adversely affected is a violation
  • Dilapidated fence: inadequate bracing, broken or rotten posts, or loose or missing fence pickets are not only unsightly but also create safety concerns because of the damage they can cause during storm events. All fences are to be kept in good repair

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2. What are some common complaints that Code Enforcement Officers investigate?
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