College Internships

Crime Victim Assistance Program Intern

Crime victims require the intervention, time and continuing support of persons trained in counseling that relieves physical and emotional trauma. It is the policy of the Friendswood Police Department to ensure its capacity to meet victim needs, enhancing department efforts with the use of carefully selected accredited university or college interns.

Through training and work with department personnel interns will become effective victim advocates, skilled in crisis intervention and sensitive to persons in physical or emotional trauma.

Active Enrollment

Internships within the Friendswood Police Department Crime Victim Assistance Program are designed specifically for actively enrolled college students interested in a career in victim services and/or law enforcement. Interns will receive a variety of experiences while meeting victim needs and rotating through assignments within the Friendswood Police Department.

Unpaid Volunteer

The Victim Assistance Internship is an unpaid, volunteer position. The Friendswood Police Department adheres to the United States Department of Labor (DOL) Guidelines on Interns as follow:

The Victim Assistance Intern must be sensitive to persons in physical and emotional trauma. Good communications skills, public speaking or public relations experience is desirable. Victim Assistance Intern will be utilized to achieve the following program procedures:

The Victim Assistance Intern shall adhere to the following commitments and responsibilities: