Voter Information

Acceptable Forms of ID

Voters that possess an acceptable form of photo ID for voting are still required to present it in order to voter in person in all Texas elections.  See the Voter ID Requirements here and visit the Secretary of State's website for the most up to date advisories related to Voter Identification Procedures.

Voter Registration

Verify if you are registered today, through the Secretary of State website.  Harris County also verifies voter registration for its voters through its online voter search page.

Early Voting Options

Registration cards may be picked up in the lobby of Friendswood City Hall, or contact Galveston and Harris County  Elections Administration to have one mailed to you. Remember, if you are eligible to vote on election day, you are eligible to vote during the early voting period. During early voting, you may vote by personal appearance or mail. For more information on Early Voting options click here.

Early Voting Daily Rosters

Want early voting rosters, you may visit the EV roster pages for Harris County and Galveston County for daily EV roster updates.