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Request for Function Participation

  1. City of Friendswood

    910 S. Friendswood Drive, Friendswood, Texas 77546

    Use this form to request Mayor or Councilmember(s) participation for your event or function. Please note that requests must be submitted two weeks in advance.

    The availability of elected officials is not guaranteed. For more information, please contact the City Secretary's Office at (281) 996-3270.

    Proclamation Request

    To request a proclamation, please fill out the online request form.

    General Event Information

  2. (Business, University, College, School etc.)  If applicable, please provide background information on your organization/company. This can include history, years in Friendswood, etc.

  3. Enter the exact location (address) of where the event will take place.

  4. If available, upload any flyer, program, or other resource about the event and your organization.

  5. Is the event*


    Request Specifics

  6. Which elected official(s) are you requesting?*

    You can select more than one.

  7. Are spouses invited?*
  8. Who should be contacted with any questions on the day of the event? Include contact person’s name, office, cell,  and work phone number(s).

  9. Name and address of facility including room number/name, city and zip code. 

  10. Will the elected official(s) be expected to speak?*
  11. Only attendance and presence? 

  12. Acknowledgement*
  13. Describe the speaking topic and for how long?  Are you requesting a speech or informal remarks?

  14. If so, provide names and titles. 

  15. Will audio/visual equipment be available for a presentation, i.e., computer, screen, projector, etc.?*
  16. Will there be other speakers at this event?*
  17. If so, describe type of pictures, how the photos will be used, and where they will be shared. 

  18. Photo Acknowledgement*

    The City is unable to provide photography services for events not directly sponsored by the City.

  19. Acknowledgement #1*
  20. Acknowledgement #2*
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