Fireworks are illegal in Friendswood

It is illegal to sell, offer to sell, possess with intent to sell, use, discharge, ignite, detonate, fire, or otherwise set in action or cause to be set in action any firework of any description within the city limits or partially within both the city limits and the jurisdiction (Municipal Code Sec. 30-140).

In addition, it is illegal to organize, supervise, officiate, permit, or accept responsibility for a gathering on public or private property, which is wholly within the city limits or partially within both the city limits and the jurisdiction, on which a person ignites, cases, throws, discharges, or explodes any kind or character of fireworks (Municipal Code Sec. 30-140).

Consumer Fireworks UN0336 1.4G Label

Fireworks, such as the above, can be seized in accordance with state law by the Fire Marshal's Office or the Police Department.

Fines are up to $2,000 per firework for this Class C Misdemeanor violation.

Public Fireworks Displays

No public display by any person, other than a governmental entity, is permitted between June 24th and July 7th or between December 24th and January 4th of any year. Any person or organization planning to make a display of fireworks outside these dates, must apply for a permit to the fire marshal at least two working days in advance of the proposed display. A permit requires licensed pyrotechnic operators, public liability insurance, and other items (Municipal Code Sec. 30-142).